This is it. Enter the final frontier.

Choose your reward wisely.

Option 1

Join one of the first commercial space flights into outer space. Are you game?

Option 2

Enjoy 1st class flights and seven days accommodation for two at the world's most luxurious hotel, the Burj Al Arab

Option 3

Choose your own adventure. Do something amazing and we'll foot the bill!

Nothing says 'ten million dollars' like First Class International Travel.

Receive 1st class return flights for you +1 to visit Envato HQ in Melbourne, Australia.
Stay in style somewhere near Envato HQ with accommodation for you +1.
Continue to grow your empire with your very own desk at Envato HQ.
Prepare for serenading at a special dinner ceremony with Envato staff.

Five. Million. Dollars. That's preposterous!

The ultimate in bling - an Envato Apple MacBook.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better!

A custom marketing campaign that will propel your business into outer space...well almost, just keep climbing ;)
Get stickered! A lead artist will create a custom design for you (logo, brand name, something cool), which we'll turn into an awesome laser cut sticker.
200 copies printed up and delivered to your door.

You've really made it now... welcome to the Power Elite.

Power Elite Care Pack including, T-Shirt, Envato Elite ring, Power Elite t-shirt.
Power Elite badge is bestowed
to your Profile page.
Power Elite header for your user profile.
Immortalised on the Envato Wall of Fame

Stand out from the crowd with the Envato Elite Swag Bag.

An exclusive Envato Elite Hoodie and other branded merch in the 750K 'swag bag'.
An item of your choosing promoted via the Envato Newsletter with a reach of
800K engaged buyers.
$500 in Envato Studio Coupon Code, so you can finally get that 3D painted caricature
you have always wanted!

Whoa! Half a million dollars = halfway to Power Elite.

Custom Envato branded 'Crumpler' backpack.
An item of from your portfolio promoted across
Envato Market's social media networks.

Envato marketing ninjas, engage!

A $1,000 customized marketing campaign for an item of your choosing.
Profile and Item page optimisation recommendations
from the marketing team.

Get your care pack. It's made entirely out of awesome.

Envato Elite Care Pack - goodies from Australia.
including Vegemite, Tim Tams and Envato branded merch.
$250 in Envato Studio Coupon Code which you can use towards anything from promotional banners to outsourced code work.

$75,000 in total sales, welcome to the club!

The Envato Elite badge is automatically
added to your user profile.
Envato Elite File badge on all marketplace items.
12 months subscription to the revamped Tuts+.
Google Analytics enabled on your user profile.

Join the Envato Elite

The Envato Elite Author program rewards the best selling
digital creatives on the Envato Market.

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Envato Elite Terms & Conditions

The point is, THANK YOU! Your digital creations make our community a truly unique place and the rewards program is a token of our appreciation for your contribution.

The rewards available at each stage of your journey are subject to dollar limits and conditions we set from time to time and may also be subject to availability. We can decide to change the program and how we dish out the rewards and even end the Elite program in the worst case. If there are any changes to the program at any time those changes will apply to everyone.

We will always show our appreciation in some way but it's our call on how we go about it. No matter what, we value what you have to offer and we wish you well... now...carry on climbing!