Envato Elite

What is Envato Elite?

The Envato Marketplaces are home to thousands of authors from around the world selling everything from WordPress themes to music loops. On the marketplaces authors have a structured commission ladder that they climb as their sales mount that rewards and recognizes their work.

For the best of the best authors, this commission ladder simply isn't enough to contain them. That's why we created the Envato Elite Program.

As an author passes sales levels, they unlock new achievements and rewards, culminating in first class tickets to Envato HQ in Melbourne, Australia, and much more.

The Best of the Best

The Program is structured to reward and recognize Envato's most elite authors. We want to say thank you to these authors who lead the way for our community, who stand as beacons of talent and skill, and who make the rest of us normal folk feel warm basking in their glow.

You can learn about the levels of Envato Elite below. And if you're an author, we wish you well on your journey climbing the towering ladder of the Envato Elite Program.

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Elite Levels

  • Envato Elite Badge on the Marketplaces. Special Envato Elite File Badge on all marketplace items. 12 months Tuts+ Premium subscription. Access to Google Analytics data for traffic to your item pages and profile page.
  • Envato Elite care package with the highly coveted Elite T-shirt, Keep Cup and some 'Taste of Australia' munchies.
  • $1,000 marketing and promotional campaign, plus graphic design work on your ads. Being your first campaign we will work closely with you to craft a story that helps sell your files. We will also feature one of your items on the relevant Facebook and Google+ Envato pages.
  • $2,000 marketing and promotional campaign, plus graphic design work on your ads. We will do a special feature of your profile/items across relevant Facebook and Google+ pages including a custom graphic to promote your items.
  • $5,000 marketing and promotional campaign, plus graphic design work on your ads. Featured in the Envato Newsletter to over two hundred and fifty thousand people.

Power Elite Levels

The World is Waiting for You

You can be one of the Envato Elite. All you need is an appetite for success and an account on any one of the Envato Marketplaces.

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